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About the BLIK BLIK festival

The festival of light and art in public space BLIK BLIK is one of the largest festivals of its kind in the Czech Republic. It takes place every year at various locations right in the streets of Pilsen and attracts visitors to attractive light installations and contemporary digital art from creators from all over the world. The festival was presented for the first time in 2015 and since then it has been building on a great audience success, which is increasing every year. The organizer of the festival is the cultural and creative zone DEPO2015.

DEPO2015 has prepared for 2024 the largest festival of light and art in public space BLIK BLIK. This year's theme is STREAMS both in the literal sense represented by Pilsen's rivers, and in a figurative sense referring to our ancestors: Ladislav Sutnar, Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana and other greats.
The festival takes place on 22 and 23 March 2024 from 19:00 to 23:59. Visitors can enjoy a total of 12 exterior installations free of charge (including 3 in OC Olympia) and 3 indoor installations for a fee. 


The route of the festival this year runs from the embankment on Mže na Roudné to DEPO2015 and vice versa according to the wishes of the visitors. An interesting feature is the festival zone in OC Olympia (Pilsen - Černice), which celebrates 20 years and hosts 3 installations including video mapping. There is a shuttle service to this zone.

For the second time, the festival brings the School of Videomapping project, which attracted creative people with ties to the Pilsen region. The lecturer of the program will be the professor of the University of Palermo - Luca Pulvirenti. The aim of the project is to train at least 3 creative people this year, who will present their approx. one-minute-long work at the U Branky location.The program is free, and the best students also received a financial reward.

An important goal of the festival is ireducing the ecological footprint. One of the measures is the saving of more than 50% of all printed materials and greater emphasis on digital communication. A brand new website has been created for this purpose available at Here, visitors with a smartphone can get a complete overview of the festival, can download a map, etc. Visitors who can bear the rustling of paper can print the map on a home printer, or purchase it at the festival site for a nominal fee. The DEPO2015 production team deals with energy consumption even more than in the past. The festival uses ecological sources of light and projections as much as possible. In contrast, it switches off at 5 dozen public lighting lamps. After the festival, the energy balance will be evaluated, which will be used for other events.


About us

The DEPO2015 creative zone is a pillar of the sustainability of the Plzeň – European Capital of Culture 2015 project. In the former train depot of the city's transport companies, you can now find halls for interactive exhibitions, conferences and theater, a cafeDEPO market with several unique shops, a community garden, offices for rent, artist and student studios, a sports and tap studio and spaces for artists in residence. We create, produce, exhibit and sell in one place!

We create interactive exhibitions, organize the light festival BLIK BLIK, Street Art Festival WALLZ, Czech-Bavarian festival Treffpunkt in Pilsen and Regensburg, European Neighbors Day, Plzeň Design, Street Food Markets or DEPOvLETU. We also host many important festivals, fairs, cultural and sporting events. We also collaborate on projects outside the DEPO2015 campus: Summer Baroque Festival, Náplavka na Radbuze etc.

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